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Hawaiian Healing's Skin Care Smart Start, part 2

As you just previously read in our Skincare Smart Start blog, there is a major disconnect between what we believe to be natural or organic vs what is actually good for your skin (or, even worse, what is true vs what the marketing companies want us to think). Now that we've established what to look for, let's focus on how to get that youthful, glowing, radiant skin we're all after.

Luckily, a natural skincare regimen does not have to be complicated. Here are the basics:

Step One - Cleanse and Exfoliate 

The skin is the largest organ of the body and has the same needs that all the others have. Impurities and toxins need to be carried away, and old debris removed, so fresh oxygen and nutrients can be brought in to reach the cells.
#TIP: Cleansing twice a day is vital. For extremely sensitive skin, go very light in the morning, and be more vigorous at night.

Two powerful ingredients for cleansing naturally:
Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is a master ingredient when it comes to removing dead skin cells and clearing the skin’s surface while strengthening the barrier function with antibacterial, antiviral, and even antioxidant properties.
Red Clay - Clays are silicates found in the earth, packed with minerals and nutrients. Red clay excels at absorbing impurities and excess oil. It’s a natural exfoliant which also improves skin circulation. We love it for its ability to purify and tone the skin while correcting rough texture and softening.


Step Two - Nourish and Protect

After cleansing in the morning, it’s crucial to protect your skin. Along with UV rays, your skin is exposed to all sorts of impurities and toxins throughout a normal day.

It’s important to give it the same care and attention you give the rest of your body as you begin your day. At a minimum, feed it and then protect it from the elements before you walk out the door.  

#TIP: Apply a high-quality moisturizing cream that will protect from the sun, as well as seal in water molecules and nutrients your skin craves.

Some of the natural ingredients for nourishing and protecting the skin include:

- Astaxanthin is a wonder ingredient for many reasons. One of which is its ability to protect the skin, within each layer, from the harmful substances which break down collagen and lead to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Astaxanthin increases moisture retention and stimulates cell renewal; and, as if that weren’t enough, it absorbs the UV rays that are thought to contribute to photoaging and skin cancer.

Macadamia Nut Oil
- Composed of monounsaturated fatty acids including oleic acid, Macadamia Nut Oil has long been revered on the islands for its ability to moisturize, regenerate, and soften skin while maintaining a youthful glow.

Macadamia Honey
- Raw honey is a terrific source of nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes. It also contains skin-boosting acids, which promote moisture and help reduce breakouts. Honey is a natural antimicrobial, so it’s the perfect ingredient to reduce skin flare-ups and help heal skin conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

Argan Oil
- Argan oil is native to Morocco where it has been used for generations for its healing effects. This oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. It gently restores dull, lifeless, dry, skin and delivers vital nutrients to the dermis- all while it calms and soothes the irritation of the day. 

    Step Three - Reverse and Replenish

    The end of the day is the time to rejuvenate and refresh the skin, providing healing substances and compounds that are known to reverse the ravaging effects of UV rays and free radicals.

    #TIP: After cleansing, apply a healing night oil that will work under the surface while you sleep.

    The best natural ingredients to repair and reverse the day’s damage include:

    Tamanu Oil
    - Through its ability to promotes the formation of new tissue, Tamanu oil regenerates the skin while you sleep. Its healing properties have been a well-kept secret for centuries.

    Vitamin E
    - Vitamin E is essential to the body. One of the things that make vitamin E a wonderful addition to any natural skincare routine is the fact that it blocks the action of free radicals. Because of the role free radicals play in aging the skin, this help maintains vitality. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory properties which calm and hydrate sensitive skin.

    Kukui Nut Oil
    - Kukui Nut Oil contains linoleic and alpha-linolenic fatty acids which are critical to skin health. It also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E which work together to reverse the damage done by free-radicals.

    Jojoba Oil
    - Jojoba oil is extremely moisturizing and is also known for its ability to repair damaged tissue. It has been used as a botanical balm against the damage from sunburn and the elements for generations. This oil is actually a polyunsaturated wax which seals in moisture while it protects (while also being non-comedogenic).


      A Few Key Takeaways

      Creating a natural skincare routine is a terrific way to add self-care to your day and restore a healthy glow to your skin.  This can be done simply with just a few steps using some of the key ingredients we’ve described above.

      So remember, Gorgeous:

      • Look beyond packaging and claims of “natural” and “organic” to the real ingredients behind the sales vocabulary; avoid those synthetics that serve no purpose for your skin.
      • Unidentified fragrance and dyes are some of the ingredients that just aren’t worth the risk.
      • The same practices that make skincare products healthier also improve the environment and the communities where ingredients are sourced.
      • Many natural ingredients that were not widely known until now have been celebrated for their healing properties for centuries, and are now making their way into the mainstream thanks to independent companies leading the natural skincare movement.



      Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Products are FILLED with the finest natural and organic ingredients. Our glass and bamboo packaging help to support sustainability and are eco-friendly. By having some of the most luxurious ingredients sourced directly from the islands of Hawai’i, and all over the globe, Hawaiian Healing Skin Care is able to provide your skin with the best all-natural and organic skincare products available.


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