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Meet Our Ingredients: Kukui Nut Oil

Welcome to the 4th edition of "Meet Our Ingredients". Each month we will showcase the ingredients we use in our products to keep you informed of what you are putting on your body, why it is so powerful and how it works to give you amazing skin.

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care prides itself on using only natural and organic ingredients in each of our products. We don't include any chemicals or synthetic elements – only items nature provides. We like to say nature knows what you need, so we are giving it to you in each amazing Hawaiian Healing product.

This week's showcased ingredient is Kukui Nut Oil

Kukui (Kuh-Koo-ee) Nut Oil is one of Hawaiian Healing's best skincare ingredients. Sourced directly from the Hawaiian Islands, this oil provides numerous healing, moisturizing, and anti-aging properties that have been used for centuries. Even Academy Award-winning actress, Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years A Slave), gushes over the amazing oil and how it’s helped her skin.  “I use Hawaiian kukui oil on my face," Nyong'o told Glamour in 2014. "I like to keep things natural, simple and straightforward." 

And who wouldn’t want to keep their skincare regime “natural, simple, and straightforward”? If this skin-superfood helps to maintain her gorgeous glow- enough so that she tells the world- then it MUST be worth a try, right?

Where does Kukui nut oil come from?

Kukui nut oil is sourced from the candlenut tree (scientifically known as Aleurites Moluccans). The oil has been used for dozens of reasons, from producing lamp oil to moisturizers.  Since it has been found to be beneficial in so many ways, it eventually became the official state tree of Hawaii.

Brought to the islands from Asia many centuries ago, early Polynesian settlers were convinced that this plant was a “hope for renewal”. It was used primarily to show someone’s social status, as the nut was initially used by Ali’l (the chiefs and kings on each island). They wore the nuts as leis and polished them with the very oil that the nuts produce.

Although this ingredient has been used for centuries, it’s only now getting global recognition as skincare magic. So, what makes it so great for the skin?

Healing Properties of Kukui Nut Oil

The oil produced from the kukui nut has many skin-rejuvenating properties. It contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (anti-inflammatory), Vitamin E (to fight free radicals, heal scars/stretch marks, and reduce wrinkles), Vitamin A (stimulates the cells for firmness), and Vitamin C (anti-aging, protection from UV rays, anti-oxidant).

According to studies, “kukui nut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Many people use it to treat some of the most common, chronic skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis while it can also be applied to burns or minor wounds to speed up healing” states healthyfocus.org.

The Quintessential Reality is…

It’s no longer a secret as to why Hawaiians revere Kukui Nut Oil for its multitude of healing properties. It promotes healthy skin-cell growth, protects from free radicals, and absorbs down into our skin’s deeper layers.  And if those reasons weren’t enough- this oil is non-greasy, noncomedogenic (it won’t clog your pores), extremely moisturizing, and (this is a biggie), it’s all-natural.

Along with 18 additional natural ingredients, Hawaiian Healing Pure Revitalizing Cream includes this powerful, all-natural “superfood for the skin”.  Our Hawaiian Healing Pure Revitalizing Cream is FILLED with amazing natural and organic ingredients. Our glass and bamboo packaging help to support sustainability and is eco-friendly. By having the best ingredients sourced directly from the islands of Hawaii, it’s providing you with a Pure Hawaiian, Pure You experience. 


Check out our other blog posts for more information on these super ingredients, or CLICK HERE for a complete list and description of each element.

For questions or comments: Feel free to contact us on Facebook, through our website at HawaiianHealing.com, or email us directly at info@hawaiianhealing.com.


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