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FAQs - Most Popular Questions

How do I enter my coupon code?

You enter your coupon code at "Checkout," where you enter your shipping information. If you are shopping from your desktop, you will see a box in the top right that says "Discount." Enter your code there.  For mobile shoppers, enter the coupon code at checkout and tap the "Show Order Summary" dropdown. 

Please Note: Some coupons are auto-applied, and you will see the discount amount in your order summary.

Why isn't my coupon code working?

Coupon codes are only valid on full-size products. Sample sizes, charms, and soaps are all excluded from discount offers. 

If you are trying to use a discount code on applicable products, please either email, or call toll-free (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm) 1-866-371-2499 and we will be happy to help resolve this issue quickly as possible.

How "Hawaiian" is Hawaiian Healing Skin Care?

Our products contain some of the finest natural ingredients from Hawai'i. We have spent several years researching the most effective ingredients that help hydrate, rejuvenate, and heal your skin naturally (including the Kukui Nut Oil that is extracted from the plant of the official Hawaiian state tree). 

The distribution center is in Georgia, but our Hawaiian ingredients are sourced directly from the islands. We may not be physically located in Hawai'i (yet!)- but our ingredients are, our hearts are, and all of our conservation efforts are in place to help stimulate the economy, protect the environment, and show nothing but love and kindness to all that Hawai'i has to offer. 

From a "Healing Hawaii" perspective, we are also dedicated to using eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for all our products. In addition, we work with local bee-keepers and farmers to help boost their businesses (which increases the state's profits and the local economy as a whole). 

What is special and different about your products?

When sourcing our ingredients, we go directly to local farms and growers who provide us with a wealth of knowledge as to the characteristics and benefits of each ingredient. They share our passion for high-quality, natural, organic ingredients and become our partners in bringing you exquisite products to enhance your natural beauty inside and out.

Fourth-generation beekeepers, like Garnett Puett and his family of Big Island Bees, supply our organic raw honey, which is incorporated into each product we make. The same goes for each ingredient, such as astaxanthin - an anti-oxidant micro-algae that aids skin oxidative stress and ultraviolet sun damage. These microalgae are farmed on Kailua-Kona, located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We’ve also incorporated ingredients from Hawaiian-influenced Polynesia, one being cold-pressed Tamanu oil. These ingredients and partnerships help form the heart of Hawaiian Healing, our highly specialized all-natural skincare brand.

Are your products tested on animals in any way?

None of our products have ever been tested on animals, nor will they ever be. Instead, we only test ourselves. :) 

Are your products vegan?

The Nourishing Night Oil and the Under Eye Serum are vegan; however, our Pure Revitalizing Cream is not because we use organic macadamia nut honey.

Where does your Vitamin E (Tocopherol) come from?

In our products, the Tocopherol, or vitamin E, is derived from soybeans, which means you're getting a high-quality, healing, and replenishing vitamin that's also Gluten-Free!

We invite you to browse our product pages to view the ingredients included in every one of our products. Hawaiian Healing Skin Care is committed to providing the best skin care products for all skin types, made with the finest ingredients. 

Is this Gluten-Free?

Yes! All of our products are gluten-free.

Feel free to browse our product pages to view the ingredients included in every one of our products. Hawaiian Healing Skin Care is committed to providing the best products for all skin types, made with the finest ingredients. 

Your ingredient list seems like it is missing something?

The ingredient lists are absolutely correct. We have developed products that our founder, Homeopathic Practitioner Bill Carlson, feels meet high-quality standards, including many Hawaiian-derived ingredients and the finest hand-selected ingredients from all over the world. The product line is free of chemical preservatives and many other harmful chemicals that feel wonderful to your skin.

Each product page on our website will list every single ingredient in our unique formulas. We offer complete transparency. After years and years of research and development, Bill knew exactly what to use to eliminate anything other than the finest, most pure, all-natural, and organic ingredients.

Why are your products so expensive?

We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients. Our products are made in small, hand-crafted batches. We also use recycled packaging materials, including glass jars and vials, bamboo tops, and spatulas; our outer boxes are eco-friendly. These high-quality ingredients are significantly more expensive than other companies' bulk, chemically-processed materials for cheaper, mass-produced products.

What is the shelf life of your creams?

The shelf life of our creams unopened is generally one year. Once opened, we recommend the product be used within six months. The cream's life span can vary depending on how the product is handled, but it should be good for at least six months after opening. If the jar is unopened, it has a shelf life of 1 year.

Should I refrigerate my creams to preserve them?

We do not require that the creams be refrigerated. The cream should be stored in a cool and dry area. Keep in mind our creams are all-natural without any artificial preservatives, so they are susceptible to contamination if not handled with clean fingers and a spatula.

Is your face and body cream organic?

We have attempted to source as many organic ingredients as possible. Currently, the product is 85% organic, and we're working on USDA organic verification as soon as possible.

The cream is a little thick, is that normal?

The cream has no fillers or binders, so it is very concentrated. This is normal as the product contains the most nourishing ingredients available. Many products have a considerable amount of water. Hence, they are thinner and typically leave a greasy residue. We recommend that you warm the product up by rubbing it in your hand before application to get complete coverage under your eyes, face, and (don’t forget!) neck area. Many people use it on their hands and other dry areas of the body.

The Face Cream works for hydration, fine lines, and wrinkles. Does it also help prevent sagging skin, and does it help with slight puffiness or dark circles under the eyes?

Yes, the Pure Revitalizing Cream hydrates and stimulates the skin cells with anti-inflammatory agents and firming components that boost collagen regeneration. It also helps with sagging, uneven, discolored skin for all skin types.

Do these products help with Acne?

A lot of the ingredients used are incorporated for that exact purpose. We wanted to provide a formula with antioxidants that eliminate free radicals and restore your skin to its youthful glow. While we can't guarantee this works 100% for everyone, it has been shown to help reduce it. Please consult your physician/dermatologist for any additional concerns that you may have.

What products are best for wrinkles?

Our three primary products, the Pure Revitalizing Cream, Nourishing Face Oil, and Under Eye Serum, all have ingredients to boost hydration and improve collagen regeneration necessary for the perfect elasticity.

I have super oily skin in the summer and combo skin in the winter! My skin is super sensitive! Will this work for me, and what do you suggest?

It's perfect for all skin types! It absorbs into the skin quickly without any oily residue. We wanted to ensure we could provide a cream that works with dry, oily, and combination skin. Plus, some of the main ingredients we use in our face, and body cream (and all of our products) were matched together to fight free radicals and help purify the skin from toxins. This should help combat any sensitivities.

Does anything help with Psoriasis?

While results vary from person to person, here is feedback from verified customers:

"I have psoriasis and this cream is something, to the point where my Dr said I looked great!" - Darlene L., Pure Revitalizing Cream

Does this help with Rosacea?

While results vary from person to person, here is feedback from verified customers:

"Thanks to this wonderful skincare I have quit my medication that I have been on for years for severe rosacea. It has been clearing up my skin and making it feel and look wonderful. Thank you so much!" - Tina T., Deluxe Spa Gift Box, Coconut Lotion, and Morning 4 U Gift Box

"I can actually say I've used this over the past three weeks and it has made a positive impact on reducing the redness of my Rosacea. I have also helped with moisturizing my skin as well." - Derek D., Coconut Pure Revitalizing Cream

"Hawaiian Healing Skin Care, seriously! I have rosacea and have tried everything.. spent so much money over the years, on useless products. This is a legitimate game-changer for my skin!" - Chick Barnes, Pure Revitalizing Cream

Do any of your products help with Eczema?

While results vary from person to person, here is feedback from verified customers:

"I have diabetic skin which is also Rosacea, Folliculitis, and Eczema skin, yes the universe whammy my skin. but amazingly Hawaiian Healing does not set off any of these skin issues and everything triggers them, so any time you need a human Guinea Pig to try new products I'm game !!" - Wendy J., Pure Revitalizing Cream, Nourishing Night Oil, Under Eye Serum

"I love love love this product! I have the eye serum and night oil too. The cream is so good. It calmed eczema on my face. Got rid of the scaly skin where there were patches and moisturized everything else. I recommend putting it on. Letting it completely soak in before applying foundation. My makeup glides on beautifully. There are no nasty ingredients like mineral oil so it soaks in completely without a residue left behind. Love this product. Customer for life here!" - Staci J., Pure Revitalizing Cream