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This Hawaiian ingredient is so elusive, GPS can't locate it! - But we did...

This Hawaiian ingredient is so elusive, even GPS can't locate it!

What ingredient you ask? Hawaii's island-specific hidden gem:

Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey.

You see, Hawaiian Healing Skin Care's mission is, essentially, to provide all of us, both men and women – from teens to the more mature - the very best products, made with the very best ingredients we could find. And, we’re not “Hawaiian Healing” without Hawaiian ingredients, right?

During his research on the islands, owner Bill Carlson stumbled upon an exclusive, bee farm on the Big Island that harvests the one-of-a-kind Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey. (One-of-a-kind = found in no other place on the planet; it's THAT exclusive!) The benefits of honey are not to be overlooked, as they are extremely valuable for your skin.


Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey is powerful honey produced by the beautiful honey bees of Hawai’i. The macadamia flower that blooms on the macadamia nut tree is fragrant, floral, a bit nutty, but not too overbearing. The nectar from this flower is carried from the plant to the hives where the bees and beekeepers produce this pure, all-natural ingredient. It is a premium, dark honey produced in the winter and early spring from the MacNut orchards on the Southeast part of the island.

What are the Benefits?
Research has shown this multi-purpose honey:

• is an emollient, which softens, smooths and soothes the skin
• acts as an anti-bacterial
• has anti-fungal properties
• acts as a natural antibiotic
• is full of vitamins A and E
• and, based on their many reviews, tastes pretty amazing. (The MacNut honey even has notes of chocolate! Hellerr! Click here to view their different varieties of honey and order the edible goodness for yourself!)

((Please! For the love of beauty - do not eat our cream! It’s not the same as their delicious raw honey, and ours is packed with over 20 equally powerful age-defying ingredients.))

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Pure Revitalizing Cream Honey Review

Additionally, the US National Library of Medicine, confirms honey “exerts emollient, humectant, soothing, and hair conditioning effects, keeps the skin juvenile and [weakens] wrinkle formation, regulates pH and prevents pathogen infections”.


Whendi Grad, owner of Big Island Bees along with her husband Garnett, is currently in the midst of this year’s harvest. However, last year didn’t go quite so well. During our conversation, she told explained how they “only harvested 1/3 of [their] normal crop due to the heavy rains and flooding last spring.” She continued, “Perhaps you heard about the major flooding on Kauai which cut off the entire north side of the island? That same storm dumped on the southeastern part of the Big Island as well causing all the bloom to be washed off the trees just as the bees were starting to gather nectar. Not only did we lose most of the harvest of honey, but the Macadamia producers likewise lost their nut production too. Between the rains and the volcano erupting, last year was very stressful. We had to move our bees away from the ashfall. It disrupted the normal honey flow.”

Sad face, right? My heart genuinely felt that. When growing, harvesting, and producing your own raw, organic, natural products, it is clear that Mother Nature runs the show! It is up to us to respect her and do our best to roll with the punches and adapt. Luckily for Big Island Bees, this year is looking MUCH better:

“Now that the volcano has subsided and emptied out most of the lava, our island is blessed with blue skies and clean air! The honey harvest looks like it will be a good one this year.”


This scarce honey is no doubt a must-have for both your skincare routine as well as your taste buds. And that’s how you know the ingredients in Hawaiian Healing Skin Care’s products are so amazing: there are no artificial ingredients, toxins, harsh chemicals or any unnecessary junk. You get the best that nature has to offer, with skincare products that work to IMPROVE your skin, not to destroy it.



With hints of chocolate, a deep complex aroma, and a soft, velvety texture, it is the one to reach for when you want something sweet on fruit or fruit salad, or on pancakes and waffles, their website touts.

Now, if you find yourself looking for something new and exciting to do, take a beekeeping tour where you'll have a box seat on beekeeping in a safe and secure screened area (reservations recommended). Visit their museum and tasting room to explore the amazing world of bees and enjoy a free sampling of the delicious, raw organic honey. You can also browse their store full of honey, beeswax products, and beekeeping memorabilia. Come spend some time with them in this hidden corner of Hawaii. 120 million of their bees look forward to seeing you!

(Make sure to heed their advice- DO NOT USE GPS!) 

Big Island Bees Hawaiian Healing Skin Care

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