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Here Are 7 Ways this Chic, Luxury Oil Actually SAVED Us Money!

7 Ways this Chic, Luxury Oil Actually SAVED Us Money!

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care’s Nourishing Oil is one of the top-selling products in their skincare line- and for good reason! With 14 power-packed superfood-ingredients for your skin, it has been proven to live up to its hype. Beyond the silky-smooth skin that greets you as you wake, and the incredible detoxifying ingredients (such as jojoba oil) that eliminate toxins and free radicals from your pores, the Hawaiian Healing Tribe has discovered several uses for this product, making it possible to toss away some of your inferior products and save you money from never having to purchase multiple unnecessary products. Here’s what our Tribe has to say:



“I have used it on my dry chapped lips, it really soothes and moisturizes. I have used it on my dry hands and cuticles. I use it 3 times a week on my nails and cuticles and have noticed my nails are stronger since I have been using the oil. It really is a multi-purpose beauty oil!” - @bev_influenster 




 “Hawaiian Healing Skincare is by far the best skincare line I’ve tried. Every single product is like heaven in a bottle! The night oil, which is my favorite product is truly a miracle oil. I even use it on my hair in place of serums. The other day I was doing my hair and out of the corner of my eye saw the night oil. After my hair was dry, I took 2 drops in my hands and put it on my fingertips then used them to put on those damaged areas! OMG... it was AMAZING!  Since then I’ve been putting a tiny amount in my hand... a drop or two and running my hand's mid-shaft to ends then hitting a little closer to my scalp for flyaway’s. (It’s absolutely a great product for this.) My hair has no flyaways and all of the damaged areas look shiny and healthy.  The oil is now a daily part of my hair routine in the morning. I truly love this product! I can’t say enough about this company or the product. I’m a lifelong customer! Thank you, Hawaiian Healing, for helping to take care of my skin and my soul!" - Fran


Side Note: Jess here, Alaka’i of the Hawaiian Healing Tribe, and I must say: I was beyond excited to hear about this. In fact, I made an amateur video just to test it out and show other tribe members my results. Click here to see it for yourself!



Spoken Glass VO Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Night Oil“With all the ingredients pointing to healing, moisturizing, and revitalizing skin, I decided to test out how it works on sunburn. I’m fair-skinned, so I burn at least once a year. When my family and I went to the beach for vacation last year- every single one of us got burned. So, I whipped out my HH products and added the oil to my body. Next thing I knew- everyone was asking to use it. My sisters were more hesitant because they didn't want to feel sticky when they climbed under the sheets (because... ew. That's such a gross feeling!). But, when she (and everyone else) woke up, EVERYONE (15+ ppl) said that their burns were no longer burning. And the sis said it absorbed so quickly that she just felt her smooth skin against the sheets with no clinging. Now, I have to always have a bottle on hand when we're on vacation- it's our go-to sunburn oil! Thank you, Hawaiian Healing!” - @spokenglassvo



Hawaiian Healing Night Oil Phenica“I ran out of my usual beard oil and noticed my wife's jar of oil. Curious about the ingredients, I researched those found in men's beard oil to compare to the Nourishing Night Oil she uses. Turns out, they're almost exactly the same (although the Hawaiian Healing one has even more beneficial ingredients than most beard oils). I used hers a handful of times before I placed my own order. My beard has never been happier... and my wife is thrilled because I'm not using all of hers!” - Stephen G. 



Hawaiian Healing Night Oil CaralynBeauty"I love @Hawaiianhealing Night Oil because it has so many wonderful uses, it's not just a face oil. Can be applied to hair, cuticles, dry lips, razor burn and you can even apply a few drops to your foundation brush add your foundation and apply it gives a beautiful healthy glow to your skin!" - @caralynbeauty 



Hawaiian Healing Night Oil DebChris22The best tip for me regarding the night oil is if you put it onto your dry feet because we get very dry skin on our feet in the winter. So before bed, slather it all over your feet and then make sure you cover with white socks afterward. Sleep the whole night like that. Try this for about a week and you should see a really nice change in your feet; they should be a lot softer and actually, a lot of the dry skin will kinda come off after a few nights (which is key for the socks so the shedding mess doesn’t get all over). Also, If you want to ensure that you work it into your feet a little bit better, try using a massage tool or a jade roller before you put the socks on.” - @debchris22



Hawaiian Healing Night Oil Kaitlynsimmonsbeauty94“My husband has totally hijacked the night oil on me. He’s a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and has been using it for his full face, says his beard is softer and also uses it for rashes that would completely dry out on his elbows after his 2nd tour. The night oil has reduced the size of the rashes and they don’t dry out any more. He’s Constantly asking me [to get more].” - @kaitlynsimmonsbeauty94 and @veteran_country_tm


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Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Products are FILLED with the finest natural and organic ingredients. Our glass and bamboo packaging help to support sustainability and are eco-friendly. By having some of the most luxurious ingredients sourced directly from the islands of Hawai’i, and all over the globe, Hawaiian Healing Skin Care is able to provide your skin with the best all-natural and organic skincare products available.


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