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Men: Make Her Go From “Uh..thanks..” to ”Oooh! Yes!" - all year 'round!

Fellas, is there anything sexier than a happy woman? A woman whose smile radiates in such a way that everyone knows she’s being well taken care of? With a look of confidence, a gleam in the eye, and an enticing strut- you watch as heads turn to look at her, wondering how you got so lucky. She’s beaming and not even noticing how they all seem to notice her… because it’s you that has made it so she has no need for validation from any other man. You’ve captured her heart, mind, and soul—and now is your opportunity to do something so unexpected and special that she will not only be radiating from happiness—it’ll be from complete satisfaction. 😉

Go from “Uh…thanks…” to “Oooh! Yes!”

Let’s be clear: We truly appreciate those of you who consider what we love and what we want when it comes to gift-giving. And while we may appreciate flowers, chocolates, and the occasional (can I stress that word too much? We’re not 12. OCCASIONAL.) stuffed animal, these stereotypical gifts are often seen as lazy, underwhelming, and oh-so-predictable.

You’ve seen the dozens of posts on social media: office shots of flowers proudly displayed on their desks, generic greeting cards with the typical “To My Wonderful ___” recycled poetry, and, sometimes, the “he cooked me dinner!” exclamations from women who truly consider that to be a big deal.

Here’s the problem:  If you’re just buying into the hype of the candy/card/flower industry,

YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG. Gift-giving should be about love, appreciation, romance, intimacy; one person taking time out of their day-to-day craziness to show the other that they see them. And, most importantly, you want them to feel your love.

Whether you’ve been together for 60 years or 6 weeks, it’s safe to say you’ve learned (or are learning) that actions speak louder than words. So why not give her something that will B L O W . H E R . M I N D?!

Stress no more! Hawaiian Healing Skin Care has the PERFECT selection of ready-to-gift Spa kits that require NO extra work besides ordering, receiving, and finding the perfect hiding spot until you’re ready to reveal the most luxurious, all-natural skincare collection she’s ever had the pleasure of trying.

No More
❌Fake Smiles
❌Disappointed slumps of the shoulders
❌Same ol’ same ol’ gifts that all of her friends are getting…

Instead, you can give her the gift of stunning, youthful, healthy skin. And while a spa gift certificate is a nice idea, it’s only ONE experience for ONE day. With the amount of money you’d spend on a massage or facial, you can get her a 3-month spa experience.


Ready to get started? Click Here to choose which kit best suits your lady (and your budget!)


These items are sure to make the perfect gifts for someone special (including yourself) for any occasion:

We Invite You To Explore Our Collections

So, gentlemen, if you’re wanting a night to remember, order a gift set from Hawaiian Healing Skin Care to hear her screams of satisfaction and pleasure… all because of you.


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