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5 Facial Oil myths you have GOT to stop believing!

When I was a little girl, I remember watching my grandmother and, eventually, my mom put on their face creams as part of their nightly rituals. Whether sitting at their vanity or standing gracefully over their bathroom counters, these ladies obviously had their lives together (or so it seemed that way to younger-me). They would radiate confidence. So sure of themselves. So in control. So… beautiful. But for the life of me, I cannot remember either of them using any face oils. They may have, but I still really can’t recall.  What about you? Was it part of your childhood, or were you just as clueless as the rest of us?  

Now that they’re all over the place, from diy bathroom batches to products costing up to $1,800/oz, it’s important we understand what all of the beauty gurus are raving about.

Below, we will debunk the most commonly believed myths about skincare oils.


  1. Using Facial Oils is Not a New Fad –

With records dating back to over 40,000 years ago (!!!), facial oils have been used on skin. Aboriginal tribes in Australia used a bright yellow liquid oil found below the skin of the emu (um… this one isn’t for me. I prefer my oils to be plant-based, thank you very much).

During the ancient Egypt-era, Egyptians (including Cleopatra herself) loved using oils on their skin, as archaeologists have found hieroglyphics that depict the usage of plant-based oils for moisturizing.

  1. Avoiding oils because of your Oily and Acne-Prone Skin? Don’t! –

One of THE MOST COMMON misconceptions concerning facial oils is that if you already have oily skin, you definitely don’t want to add more oils to it. I mean, it does kind of make sense. And if someone passed that information along to you, I can see how you’d believe it. ((To be honest, I actually thought the same thing myself growing up. I even avoided moisturizing completely on those days. I wish I could yell at that teenager! She just didn’t have a CLUE!))

However, once you dig deeper into the biological breakdown, you will find the reason your face is oily and acne-prone is because it needs help! When your skin loses its ability to properly produce the correct amount of sebum (your skin’s natural oil) on its own, it needs a little kick-start to reset itself. To relieve the overcompensation of sebum production that’s keeping your skin looking greasier than a redneck’s baby-oiled, backyard-tarp slip-n-slide, using the best oils will give your body’s barrier the break it deserves.

  1. “Aren’t serums and oils basically the same thing, anyway?” … Negative. –

To put it simply, serums are intended to tighten, firm, brighten, combat skin irritants, and heal the skin. Facial Oils are best for their healing and nourishing properties, but also at protecting the skin. It’s also not a bad idea to use them together, once you’ve found your dream combo of course. (Like Hawaiian Healing Skin Care’s Under Eye Serum and Nourishing Oil.)

  1. Oils vs Creams: Both moisturize, sure. But… –

… oils can become extremely beneficial in amping up another product’s effectiveness. While oils can be used by themselves, with serums, or on other parts of the body, most times they’re used in conjunction with a moisturizer. Like many of us, we’re kind of winging it when it comes to the proper use. In fact, even I would do my routine of cleanser, toner, serum/night oil, and cream. I guess that’s fine--as I’ve had no issues; but when I started doing more research, I learned a tip that only 1 other person I knew had heard of before:

Did you know that most creams/lotions contain water in order to secure the proper molecular makeup? Because of this, it’s fairly simple to understand that water will be evaporated (and depending on the season, sometimes rather quickly), just like the pot of boiling water you accidentally forgot on the stove. In order to seal in the maximum amount of moisture, use a facial oil ON TOP OF your moisturizing cream to seal in all the healthy nutrients the skin needs and protect it from the everyday free-radicals.

  1. Not All Oils are Greasy –

Sure, some are. With history depicting people using anything from castor oil to olive oil to even large Australian bird-skin oil, it’s clear that not all oils were created the same.

Dry oils, such as jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil, and kukui nut oil, keep your skin from that slick, greasy look and feel. Plus, you can’t deny the incredible relief you feel after applying our oil to freshly shaven legs and slipping under the covers. No sticking to the sheets? Heck yeah!

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care’s Nourishing Oil is a multi-purpose, money-saving, ultra-nourishing, super-food for your skin. We’re not here to sell you on buying unnecessary products just to for us to make a few bucks. Our love is incorporated in everything we do – and that means helping you to better understand your inner self, your body, and the types of factors that help shape your lives.

We hope these tidbits of info help ease your mind when shopping our products, because when it comes to buying online, you want to make sure you’re not just being duped into buying something that’s not perfect for you.


Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Products are FILLED with the finest natural and organic ingredients. Our glass and bamboo packaging help to support sustainability and are eco-friendly. By having some of the most luxurious ingredients sourced directly from the islands of Hawai’i, and all over the globe, Hawaiian Healing Skin Care is able to provide your skin with the best all-natural and organic skincare products available.


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