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14 Ways To Use This Goddess-Sent Nourishing Night Oil

  1. First and foremost: we all know the Nourishing Night Oil was made to be a face oil, to help stimulate cellular growth, and to moisturize and nourish your skin while locking in all those wonderful key nutrients your face craves.

  2. Many people also love to use the NNO on their lips when they’re dried or cracked. It helps to soothe and moisturize your lips to bring them back to their plump, soft, kissable selves.

  3. It’s amazing as a cuticle oil! It helps to soften cuticles, while strengthening nails, and encourages healthy nail growth.

  4. With its healing ingredients, the NNO works wonders on improving the relief of sunburn - helping to take away the sting and promote the healing of the skin.

  5. Everyone is always looking for the next best hair treatment. Well, look no further than for our Nourishing Night Oil. Using just a few drops on the dry, damaged ends of your hair will bring it back to its full glory. It gently nourishes the hair, helping to prevent and repair split ends.

  6. Get your men involved! Self-care isn’t just for us gals. Love your man’s big, burly beard- but hate how unruly and scratchy the hair is against your skin? NNO doubles (triples... quadruples...) as a perfect beard oil- softening the hair and soothing the skin underneath!

  7. Foundation/ Eyeshadow medium: Need a healthy-looking glow that your foundation just isn’t providing? Place a drop of NNO on your foundation brush before applying the foundation and watch the magic happen. Need a medium for your pigment powder eyeshadows/glitters? Less than a drop with your fav pigment and you are on your way to slay all day.

  8. Shaving can be a pain for most of us. Whether it’s your hubby’s face, or your legs, armpits, or even those sensitive areas, the NNO is the perfect razor-burn relief. Nourishing and moisturizing from head to toe, this oil even helps to prevent in-grown hairs and razor bumps. Gently massage a few drops into your freshly shaven skin and feel the benefits of this holy grail oil.

  9. Arielle here- I have stretch marks everywhere and for YEARS I’ve thrown my money away on miracle creams and lotions and body butters that all claim they will reduce the color and size of my stretch marks. THOUSANDS of dollars in the trash. NNO helps to stimulate cellular repair and deeply nourish your skin, which is exactly what I needed to help make them disappear. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I have never noticed this much of a difference with anything else I have tried. It’s truly helped to give me back my confidence.

  10. The Hawaiian Healing Nourishing Night Oil is so versatile! It’s NOT JUST A FACE OIL. You can use it anywhere! From your head to your toes, … speaking of which- are your feet beach-sandal ready, or are you struggling with dry, cracked heels? Well… you guessed it! Grab your NNO and massage it into your callused feet, throw some socks on, go to bed, and when you wake up- rejoice! Now you have baby soft feet again. You’re welcome.

  11. Have a body cream that’s just… not doing its job? Add a few drops of NNO and give it a good mix. The NNO will help to make the body cream absorb better into your skin, without leaving you feeling all sticky and greasy.

  12. Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions around the world. Trying to find relief from the cracking, bleeding, and itching is almost impossible. NNO works to heal the skin while providing relief from the pain and bleeding.

  13. Dogs are a girl’s best friend. We want to provide them with the same care we provide ourselves, right? Sometimes even better! Paw pads can easily get dried out and crack in different weather conditions and can be painful for your pup. The NNO is all-natural and safe for use on their pads! It will moisturize them to keep them soft, all while bringing your pup some of their own Hawaiian Healing!

  14. Get ready to have some fun with your lover! The NNO is a perfect massage oil, while you’re destressing your muscles, you’ll also be destressing your skin. No one wants rough hands during a massage, so while its working as a medium from their skin to yours, it’ll do double work healing their hands and your body for that all over healthy glow and rejuvenated skin.




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