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Meet Our Ingredients: Raw Hawaiian Macadamia Honey

Welcome to the 2nd edition of "Meet Our Ingredients". Each month we will showcase two of the ingredients we use in our products to keep you informed of what you are putting on your body, why it is so powerful and how it works to give you amazing skin.

Hawaiian Healing Skin Care prides itself on using only natural and organic ingredients in each of our products. We don't include any chemicals or synthetic elements – only items nature provides. We like to say that nature knows what you need, so we are giving it to you in each amazing Hawaiian Healing product.

This week's showcased ingredient is Raw Macadamia Nut Honey


What is Raw Macadamia Nut Honey?

Raw Macadamia Nut Honey is powerful honey produced by the beautiful honey bees of Hawaii. The macadamia flower that blooms on the macadamia nut tree is fragrant, floral, a bit nutty, but not too overbearing. The nectar from this flower is carried from the plant to the hives where the bees and beekeepers produce this pure, all-natural ingredient.


What are the Benefits?

Research has shown this powerful honey: 

  • acts as an anti-bacterial
  • has anti-fungal properties
  • acts as a Natural Antibiotic
  • is full of vitamins A and E
  • is an emollient, which softens, smoothes and soothes the skin


Why is Raw Macadamia Nut Honey so important to have in our Hawaiian Healing Skin Care products?

According to the US National Library of Medicine, “Honey is particularly suitable as a dressing for wounds and burns and has also been included in treatments against pityriasis, tinea, seborrhea, dandruff, diaper dermatitis, psoriasis”. Additionally, with cosmetics and skincare, honey “exerts emollient, humectant, soothing, and hair conditioning effects keeps the skin juvenile and [weakens] wrinkle formation, regulates pH and prevents pathogen infections”.

Raw, all-natural honey helps stimulate the production of collagen and creates cellular rejuvenation. This amazing ingredient, farmed on the Big Island of Hawaii, helps produce a natural, healthy glow on your skin as well.

Our Hawaiian Healing Revitalizing Face Cream is FILLED with amazing, natural and organic ingredients. Our glass and bamboo packaging help to support sustainability and is eco-friendly. By having the best ingredients sourced directly from the islands of Hawaii, it’s providing you with a Pure Hawaiian, Pure You experience.


Check out our other blog posts for more information on these super ingredients, or CLICK HERE for a complete list and description of each element.

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