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5 Reasons for Seasonal Dry Skin (And How to Fix Them)

There’s plenty to love about the weather getting cooler, such as cozy sweaters, and leaves changing colors. 

Even the most summer-loving among us can welcome a nice change in temperature (and an excuse to wear those cute boots you got at the end of last season).

But if there’s one thing that isn't so nice about these colder seasons, it’s the havoc they wreak on our skin. If you have naturally dry skin or combination skin, you surely know what I’m talking about.

The cooler weather and winter winds can mean drier, flakier skin even for those of us who normally have oilier skin.

It’s easy to blame the low temperature and just accept that you’re going to have to use double the moisturizer in your daily routine, but did you know many of the reasons for your seasonal dry skin are actually things you can change?

Moreover, did you know that those with dry skin are more susceptible to the early signs of aging?

I’m breaking down five common reasons for seasonal dry skin, and how to fix them so you don’t have to blow through your entire jar of Hawaiian Healing Pure Revitalizing Cream in a week!

Even if you don’t necessarily feel and see the effects of dry skin (think tightness and flakiness), you can definitely work some of these hacks into your life for more supple, refreshed and younger-looking skin!

While you love using Hawaiian Healing Pure Revitalizing Cream with its 22 natural and organic ingredients year-round, during these cooler, dryer months is when you'll really appreciate how well it hydrates, protects, and reduces fine lines.

Using this cream twice a day helps your skin fight the biting cold weather and whipping winds. Combined with these five quick fixes, your skin will be better than ever in no time!

1. Long Hot Showers

In the fall and winter months, it’s tempting to retreat from the chilly air with a long hot, steamy shower.

But what may be satisfying at the moment may lead to skin issues later on.

Constantly washing your skin with hot water can lead to the drying out of your skin, and longer showers (or baths) can prolong the effects.

The fix: I’m not saying to take cold showers (especially in the winter), but try to ease up on the temperature to something a little more lukewarm.

If you can’t bear to do that, limit your shower time to ten minutes or less, and make sure to moisturize immediately post-shower.

You'll want to use a cream rather than a lotion, and be sure to do so within the first few minutes after exiting the shower. This is the best time for your skin to absorb moisture most effectively.

Similarly, ease into washing your face with cool water (at least in the mornings). Not only will it help keep your face from drying out, but it’ll also tighten pores!


2. Your Skincare Routine Hasn’t Changed Since Summer

You change your wardrobe when seasons change. You may even change your diet (pass the piping hot soup, please!), but have you changed your skincare routine?

If you haven’t, you definitely should!

While there are certain products that are crucial for all seasons — like a good SPF — there are other products in your routine that may not work as well in the winter as they do in the summer.

For example, your cleanser. You may do fine with a harsher, salicylic acid-based cleanser in the summer to combat bacteria from perspiration, but that same cleanser may seriously dry your skin out come fall. Plus, you may not need a strong cleanser in cooler months.

The fix: Hawaiian Healing Skin Care’s New Plumeria Face Wash is a completely natural cleanser you can use year-round with absolutely no harmful synthetic or chemical ingredients. It leaves your face feeling clean and fresh and soft to the touch.

Even if you don’t need to revamp your entire routine, I definitely recommend using a facial cream at least twice a day (after you wash your face in the morning and evening).

If you want to go for gold, or if you find your skin just needs some extra attention, try using 3-4 times a day. I like to pop the Hawaiian Healing Pure Revitalizing Cream travel size into my purse for touch-ups throughout the day.

3. You Use Shaving Cream

Your skincare routine isn’t the only thing that needs a makeover once it starts to get chilly outside, you should also switch up your shaving routine.

Any foaming products can dry your skin out, and in combination with the longer showers, you take when you’re shaving, it can be a recipe for dry disaster.

The fix: Put your shaving cream on the shelf until springtime, and use your hair conditioner instead.

The conditioner will leave a layer of moisture on your skin far after you’ve shaved and showered, therefore helping your skin to stay supple — something we all need a little extra of after a shave, but doubly so in the wintertime!

4. You Drink Coffee in Morning and Enjoy Cocktails at Night

Our reliance on hot coffee in the winter combined with the cocktails we tend to sip on at holiday parties and functions can be a recipe for a dry skin disaster.

Caffeine can dry your skin from the inside out, not to mention that diuretics like alcohol and tea will dehydrate your entire body (including your skin).

The fix: Nobody’s saying that you have to forgo your favorite peppermint martini on Christmas Eve, just make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day.

Plus, when you are drinking alcohol, try alternating each cocktail with a glass of water. Not only will this help prevent a holiday hangover, but it’ll also keep your body (and skin) more hydrated.

If you’re feeling strong, I challenge you to replace your coffee with an herbal tea, which doesn’t contain caffeine, but will still warm you up on your morning commute.

5. You Don’t Use a Humidifier

There’s nothing better than shutting the door behind a cold, icy day and retreating into your warm toasty home, right? Unfortunately, your skin might beg to differ.

Of course, you’re going to want to ramp up your home’s thermostat all winter long (and maybe even light up the fireplace), but this can lead to hot, dry air that leaves your skin dryer than the Sahara Desert.

The fix: Consider purchasing a humidifier to add moisture back into your home’s air.

You can install an entire home-humidifier system, or simply purchase a portable unit to keep in your bedroom.

I recommend keeping the humidifier on while you sleep and shutting the door so that you get a nice, moist air cocoon overnight. Not only will this help your skin stay supple, but it’ll also likely nip any pesky winter cold or itchy throat in the bud!

Two birds with one humidifier? I’ll take it.

These are few quick fixes to keep your skin in shape during the shorter days and colder weather until spring once again blooms.  Do these and your skin will be ready and raring to go when it's time for more sunshine, less clothing, and vacations to your favorite destinations.  

In these dryer months, a good hydrating cream can be the difference between looking great or flaky and dry. For this, we recommend always having a quality hydrating cream with you. And there is none better than...


You'll love using Hawaiian Healing Pure Revitalizing Cream with its 22 natural and organic ingredients! During these cooler, dryer months you'll really appreciate how well it hydrates and protects.

Using this cream twice a day helps your skin fight the biting cold weather and whipping winds. Combined with these five quick fixes, your skin will be better than ever in no time!

Try Hawaiian Healing Pure Revitalizing Cream Today!




Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Products are FILLED with the finest natural and organic ingredients. Our glass and bamboo packaging help to support sustainability and are eco-friendly. By having some of the most luxurious ingredients sourced directly from the islands of Hawai’i, and all over the globe, Hawaiian Healing Skin Care is able to provide your skin with the best all-natural and organic skincare products available.


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