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Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Help Center & Faq's

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Questions

How do I enter my coupon code?

Do you auto-ship products or offer any subscriptions?

Why isn't my coupon code working?

About Hawaiian Healing Skin Care

How is it "Hawaiian" Healing Skin Care?

Where are Hawaiian Healing Skin Care products made?

Do you sell your products in retail stores in Hawaii?

General Questions

What is special and different about your products?

Are your products tested on animals in any way?

Your ingredient list seems like it is missing something?

Is the jar and wooden top actually sustainable?

Why are your products so expensive?

What conservation efforts have you made?

Are your products vegan?

How do I opt out of Facebook Messenger notifications?

Pure Revitalizing Cream

What is the shelf life of your creams?

How should I apply the cream?

Should I refrigerate my creams to preserve them?

Is your face and body cream organic?

The face cream has glycerin and wax. Does this clog pores? (Is it non comedogenic?)

What ingredients are contained in the Hawaiian Healing Revitalizing Face Cream?

What preservatives are used in your creams since they are all natural?

I used your face cream and have had some redness and broken out. What now?

The cream is a little thick, is that normal?

How is the "emulsifying wax" considered organic?

I know the Face Cream works for hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, does it also help preventing sagging skin and does it help with slight puffiness or dark circles under the eyes?

Nourishing Night Oil

What are the ingredients in the Nourishing Night Oil?

Under Eye Serum

The last time I ordered the Under Eye Serum it was a different color. Is this the same product?

What are the ingredients in your Under Eye Serum?

KioKio Citrus Splash Beauty Bar

What are the ingredients in the KioKio Citrus Beauty Bar?

KioKio Coconut Beauty Bar

What are the ingredients in the KioKio Coconut Beauty Bar?

Skin Conditions

Do these products help with acne?

Does this help with dark spots?

What products are best for wrinkles?

I have super oily skin in the summer and oily skin plus a few dry areas in the winter! My skin is super sensitive! Will this work for me and what do you suggest?


How do you ship my order?

How do I track my order?

Guarantee & Return Policy

What is your return policy?